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Retail and Fitness Cleaning Services

A Spick and Span Store is Great for Sales

A clean environment is important for retail and fitness centers. Research shows that when people have a positive experience in a store or gym they are more likely to make a purchase or return again.

No matter how big or small your facility is, CleanRight will work with you to develop a customized cleaning solution for your establishment.

Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are one of the most important places for us to buy our food, and they are therefore highly trafficked. Regular cleaning and disinfection should be a priority for any grocery store. At CleanRight, we have significant experience cleaning everything from 10,000+ square feet Fortune 500 grocery chains to small neighborhood stores down your street.

Athletic Facilities, Fitness Centers and Gyms

The importance of clean athletic facilities cannot be overstated. During the COVID-19 pandemic, people turned to remote workout options given the risks of being indoors with strangers. With people now venturing back into gyms, cleanliness and frequent sanitation are top of mind for customers.

Demonstrating that you prioritize cleanliness and sanitation is more important than ever for your facility to compete effectively against a new crop of remote workout options. We will maintain your facility at the highest standard of cleanliness and sanitation, and our customized solutions can include any and all workout machinery and equipment.

Nail & Hair Salons

Nail and hair salons enable frequent and close-up interactions, and these interactions create opportunities for bacteria and viruses to spread. We clean and sanitize all spaces in your salon to keep the environment safe for customers and staff and prevent viruses and bacteria from spreading.

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Our retail and fitness customers who choose CleanRight benefit from:

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