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Types of Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning Disinfection Services

If you’re reading this, you are likely in the market for commercial cleaning services—and for good reason.

Whether you manage an office building, warehouse or medical facility, a clean workplace is critical. A study by Staples Corporation found that 94 percent of workers reported feeling more productive when they are in a clean workspace, and 77 percent said they felt they produced a higher quality of work in a cleaner environment. In this article, we will cover the full range of commercial cleaning services that are available to help you create and maintain a clean, healthy, productive and inspiring environment for your employees.

“94 percent of workers reported feeling more productive when they are in a clean workspace, and 77 percent said they felt they produced a higher quality of work in a cleaner environment.”

   – Research Conducted by Staples Corporation

What is the Difference Between Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services?

Before we jump in, let’s clear up some confusion that is prevalent in the industry. There are many articles that differentiate between commercial cleaning and janitorial services, but at CleanRight, we like to keep things simple. All cleaning services provided to businesses fall under the purview of commercial cleaning. Yes, that includes janitorial services. Differentiating between the two is not a useful exercise.

However, what is useful is selecting a commercial cleaning provider that fully understands your cleaning requirements, which will depend on a number of general factors, such as the age, size and type of your building (e.g., medical, industrial, office), as well as more specific factors, such as flooring type (e.g., VCT, LVT, carpet), foot traffic and workspace density. Understanding the breadth and value of services available to you is critical to ensure you select the right provider to address your specific cleaning needs, so let’s get started.

1. Janitorial Services

Janitorial services comprise all of the regular cleaning duties your building needs to run smoothly and stay well-maintained. Janitorial services are provided on a regular basis and can be scheduled at any interval. Buildings can be cleaned once per month, bi-monthly, once per week, several days per week or daily. At CleanRight, for example, some of our highly-trafficked customers require cleaning 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

The duties a janitor performs are extensive, but here are some of the most common:

  • Thoroughly dust surface areas
  • Sweep and mop hard floor surfaces
  • Vacuum carpeted areas
  • Take out trash and replace trash liners
  • Clean restrooms and breakrooms

2. Porter Services

As part of companies’ offerings, some, including CleanRight, provide porter services. Day porters are members of our team who are trained to work within your building throughout the day, and their responsibilities depend on the unique needs of the facility they serve.

We typically provide porter service on a daily basis, but—as with janitorial services in general—we offer flexible services at other intervals as well.

Some of the most common porter services include:

  • Sanitization of high-touch common surface areas
  • Cleaning common areas like breakrooms, cafeterias and conference areas
  • Building entrance & foyer upkeep
  • Glass & window cleaning
  • Trash collection and removal
  • Restroom monitoring, cleaning & sanitizing

3. Deep Cleaning

Some facilities require a more intensive clean than others, and certain commercial spaces simply require deep cleaning to maintain a sanitary working space for employees and customers.

Deep cleaning is often a complement to regular janitorial services, and virtually all commercial and corporate buildings benefit from a deep cleaning, including hospitals, schools and nursing homes, among many others. At CleanRight, we perform regular janitorial services for our customers on a daily or similarly frequent basis and then provide deep cleaning on a less frequent basis, such as quarterly. Customers also request deep cleaning as-needed, if, for instance, they move into a new building or experience a one-time event such as a big spill. 

Deep cleaning involves the latest cleaning equipment and top-tier disinfectant and delivers a thorough cleaning from top to bottom of your building. We have seen an uptick in our deep cleaning services as more of our customers return to the office.

4. Disinfection Services

Disinfection services have been in the news a lot lately and for good reason. With increased awareness behind the health risks and disruptions caused by viruses, such as COVID-19, more companies are requesting disinfection services. It should come as no surprise that disinfection is our fastest-growing service area.

COVID-19 shed important light on the need for regular disinfection services, as more companies recognize that simply because a surface looks clean does not necessarily mean that it is clean and sanitized.

As you consider hiring a commercial cleaner, you should ensure that their disinfection process adheres to all CDC and EPA guidelines to minimize the spread of germs. It’s also important to understand the different kinds of disinfection services a commercial cleaner offers, as it’s not one size fits all.  Here are some questions to ask:

  • What exactly are they disinfecting—common areas alone or individual workspaces as well? The latter is much more comprehensive.
  • How are they disinfecting—by wiping down or using a sprayer? If they spray, you should understand whether they are simply fogging or utilizing electrostatic disinfection technology, because there are meaningful differences that have a direct impact on the sanitization of your workspace.

At CleanRight, you can rest assured that we provide all of the above and have the expertise to provide you with the most appropriate and effective solution.

5. Hard Floor Cleaning

Hard floor surfaces absorb a lot of wear and tear, and some will deteriorate faster than others depending on the frequency and impact of traffic. In addition, environmental conditions will impact their appearance and durability.

Hard floor cleaning requires more than a mop and bucket, and not many companies do it well (or at all). At CleanRight, we use the latest machinery and technologies to provide exceptional floor cleaning. Depending on your floor type—and there are many, including vinyl, laminate, tile, hardwood and concrete—we will determine the best course of action. Some floors may require a simple sweep, mop and buff, while others may need a top-scrub with a recoat of wax. The number of new coats of wax depends on your floor’s condition. VCT flooring may require a strip and wax, in which case we completely strip away the old wax and apply new coats of wax (hence the name). 

Our floor cleaning experts clean all floors, and our floor customers run the gamut from offices to jewelry showrooms to large warehouses. Giving your floors a new shine will breathe life into the interior of your building as a whole.

6. Carpet Cleaning

One of the more common, yet overlooked, commercial cleaning services is carpet cleaning. Clean carpets are vital for the health of your employees and customers and extend the longevity of your carpets. Over time, carpets collect contaminants from shoes and other elements, and if not cleaned, dirt and bacteria can accumulate and recirculate back into the air.

These factors will affect the visual and physical quality of your carpet, and you may also notice an unpleasant smell if left untreated. A regular vacuum may be helpful for surface-level contaminants, but a vacuum cannot properly extract the deepest contaminants or remove stains or spills.

At CleanRight, we utilize two of the most common cleaning methods—Bonnet cleaning and hot water extraction cleaning—both of which are effective at properly cleaning your carpet and removing stains. Our carpet cleaning experts will determine the best treatment for your carpet.

7. Post-Construction Cleaning

Post-construction cleaning, or simply construction cleaning, is the cleaning of a facility after it’s been renovated or constructed. This cleaning service requires a significant level of cleaning, much like a deep cleaning, and depends on the property type as to the extent of services required. Often the service is performed within a short window given time constraints between construction finish and facility opening.

Why You Should Give CleanRight a Call?

If you’re looking for professional, high-quality commercial cleaning services, CleanRight should be your choice. With 15+ years of expertise, a complete range of commercial cleaning and janitorial services to address all of your needs and a sole commitment to providing exceptional service to Atlanta and surrounding areas, we are truly differentiated from other cleaning companies.

Not only do we approach every new project with the utmost attention-to-detail, our maintenance programs ensure your building will remain in outstanding condition for as long as possible. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email us at your convenience. We are standing by with the answers.

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