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Warehouse Deep Cleaning Guide

Braselton Warehouse Equipment Wrapped with Protective Plastic Prior to Deep Cleaning

Do you have an upcoming audit, inspection, corporate or customer visit and need your warehouse cleaned top to bottom? CleanRight has the expertise and resources to help.

Now more than ever, warehouse cleanliness is a top priority. To be competitive and retain talent, you need a clean and safe facility. Third-party audits are becoming more prevalent to verify that facilities meet threshold requirements, and their inspections look beyond the floors—they also consider the walls, ceilings, rafters, ventilation systems and pipes. While companies in certain industries, such as the food industry, are held to a higher standard, all must comply with basic OSHA and NFPA requirements or face violations and fines for unsanitary conditions, such as unsafe levels of dust.

What is the best way to ensure that your facility is clean and safe? Implement a regular floor cleaning program and a periodic deep cleaning program. In this article, we explore warehouse deep cleaning and why it’s so important.

Why is Warehouse Deep Cleaning so Important?

Deep cleaning is important because it goes beyond everyday cleaning to address hard to reach areas that, if neglected over long periods of time, could create unsanitary and unsafe conditions. For instance:

  • Dust accumulations on walls, rafters, pipes and ceilings can fall and contaminate production
  • Significant amounts of dust and dirt can lead to mold, bacteria and other pollutants
  • Dust in the right concentration can become explosive even if the source material (such as aluminum or iron) do not burn in larger pieces. See for more details.
  • Excess dust and debris can enter and damage the HVAC system
  • An unclean facility can create poor air quality which is an environmental threat
  • Visible dirt or dust collected on surfaces can make a facility unattractive to employees and customers

In addition, in today’s environment, third party audits and inspections are becoming more frequent. OSHA and the NFPA can give violations and fines for having unsafe levels of dust on walls, ceilings, rafters, ventilation systems and pipes. In the food industry, a higher level of control and visibility is required around production and storage of products, because recalls could threaten a brand’s reputation. To be competitive in the industry, food suppliers need to be SQF (Safe Quality Food) certified, as brand owners need assurance that their suppliers are delivering safe and high-quality goods, which mitigates the threat of recalls.

What Activities are Involved in Warehouse Deep Cleaning?

Warehouse deep cleaning is very involved, and a significant amount of planning must occur before the cleaning begins. During the planning phase, labor must be organized and the necessary equipment must be secured and delivered to the facility. Crew sizes vary based on the size of the facility and the timeline. We have utilized crews ranging from 10 people to 30 people for warehouse deep cleaning jobs and have cleaned facilities up to 1.5 million square feet. In terms of equipment, we typically make sure we have the following items available:

  • Protective equipment for crew
  • Protective wrappings for production equipment or product
  • Scissor lifts and / or articulating boom lifts
  • Large commercial ladders
  • Blowers and industrial dusters
  • Industrial dust collectors
  • Commercial vacuums
  • Dust mops and wet mops
  • Automatic floor scrubbers with neutral floor cleaner and appropriate pads

Once the labor and equipment are arranged, the job can begin according to the customer’s schedule.

A warehouse deep cleaning is very technical. One of the primary challenges is access to all areas of the facility. At CleanRight, we are an experienced Atlanta commercial cleaning company Atlanta warehouses trust. Our Atlanta warehouse deep cleaning experts have significant experience using lifts and high ladders to ensure they are able to access all areas of the facility. Some of the services we provide as part of our warehouse deep cleanings are:

  • Covering equipment and products with protective sheets
  • Blowing dust, dirt and other debris from walls, ceiling, pipes and rafters
  • Dusting and wiping walls, ceiling, pipes and rafters
  • Clearing dust, dirt and other debris from warehouse floors
  • Dust mopping warehouse floors
  • Vacuuming warehouse floors
  • Scrubbing floors with automatic floor scrubbers
  • Removal of all protective sheets upon completion of work

This list is by no means comprehensive, and every facility has different requirements, but CleanRight’s warehouse deep cleaning experts in Atlanta can accommodate any special request.

What Should You Look For in a Warehouse Deep Cleaning Provider?

Warehouse deep cleaning requires a high level of expertise that many companies don’t have internally and are unable to find with traditional cleaning providers. There are a few key things to look for in a warehouse deep cleaning service provider.

First, you want to make sure that the commercial cleaning company has warehouse deep cleaning experience. Ask for references and don’t be afraid to probe into the company’s expertise – do they have experience with jobs just like yours?

Second, confirm they have access to enough labor to complete the job on your timeline. There is not an exact science around crew size, but make sure their team is large enough to complete the task. Many commercial cleaning providers do not have the scale that comes with a large and experienced team to complete large jobs within a reasonable period of time.

Third, ensure the commercial cleaning company has the flexibility and capacity to work on your schedule. Warehouse deep cleanings need to be coordinated around your operating schedule, so confirm that the company you hire is able to do the work during the time you have allocated for the job.

Finally, you want to make sure that the company is properly insured. This way, you can be protected in case of any damages that may occur during the cleaning process. Insufficient insurance (coverage limits are too low or policies are missing key coverages, such as general liability or worker’s compensation, for example) is a non-starter.

Our Atlanta professional commercial cleaning team knows that we only have one shot to deliver exceptional service, and we do that every time. That is why we are the experienced Atlanta commercial cleaning company Atlanta warehouses trust. Choosing a cleaning partner, such as CleanRight, with the expertise and resources to conduct a deep cleaning of your warehouse can not only save you time and money, but will also help ace audits required to win new business.

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