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What is Construction Cleaning, and Why is it so Important?

Atlanta Warehouse Construction Cleaning

Construction activity in Atlanta, the state of Georgia and across the nation is on fire and showing no signs of slowing down.

From office buildings to industrial properties, retail concepts and multi-family properties, virtually every property type is seeing significant new construction. While each of these properties have their differences, they share one thing in common: mess. Construction sites are notoriously messy places, and the cleaning requirements are very different than regular commercial janitorial cleaning services.

Why is Construction Cleaning so Important?

Construction cleaning is so important because it helps to ensure the safety of construction workers and visitors. Construction sites are full of potential hazards, such as sharp objects like nails or pieces of wood, toxic chemicals, lots of dirt and debris. A professional construction cleaning company will have the experience and knowledge to safely remove these hazards. In addition, construction sites are often very dusty, which can lead to respiratory problems. A construction cleaning company will use specialized equipment to remove dust and other particles from the air. In short, construction cleaning is an essential service that helps to keep workers safe and construction sites clean.

Construction cleaning services are typically provided multiple times throughout the construction process. Construction cleaning services performed during construction are called “progress cleanings.” This type of cleaning ensures construction debris and dust don’t build up too much and makes construction activity more manageable for the construction company. In this stage, a commercial cleaning company will provide a range of services, most notably mopping, vacuuming and wiping down certain areas and removing trash from the premises. Given the high traffic on these sites, the commercial cleaning company may also provide daily cleaning and disinfection services, especially in high-traffic locations such restrooms and breakrooms. Once construction is complete, a construction company will perform what is called a “final cleaning.” This stage of cleaning is much more intense and involves a full top-to-bottom cleaning.

What Activities are Involved in Construction Cleaning?

Construction cleaning involves a lot of different activities, and the scope of services depends on the property. Cleaning a 750,000 square foot new warehouse with 36-foot ceilings is very different (and requires different equipment) than cleaning an interior renovation of a single-story retail space. In addition, construction cleaning crews vary in size based on the job. For example, we have utilized crews of 20-30 people at one time for very large projects, where we’ve had to clean several hundred thousand square feet of space in one week. We have also utilized as few as 2-3 people on a crew for smaller properties with a more limited scope.

When you finally move into your new facility, you want it to be spotless, and that is our goal at CleanRight Services. Our Atlanta construction cleaning experts Atlanta companies trust will determine the right equipment and the right crew to deliver a superior post construction cleanup for you. We are proud to provide our clients with a comprehensive range of commercial cleaning services tailored to meet the unique requirements of your property.

Some of the services our Atlanta construction cleaning experts provide include:

  • Vacuuming carpets
  • Wiping down and sanitizing all surfaces
  • Washing all floors, walls and ceilings
  • Thoroughly cleaning kitchen and bathroom appliances
  • Removing leftover garbage and scattered debris
  • Cleaning the building’s exterior siding, doors, and windows
  • Wiping down baseboards and crown moldings
  • Carpet and hard floor care
  • Cleaning cabinetry and drawers inside and out
  • Cleaning of lights and fixtures
  • Dust removal from all horizontal surfaces including blinds
  • High dusting
  • Disinfection of bathrooms, kitchens and breakrooms
  • Power and pressure washing
  • Parking lot cleanups
  • Wiping down and removing marks, tape and excess paint from walls

This list is by no means complete, and we know that every property owner has different requirements. Our experienced construction cleaning company Atlanta companies trust has seen it all and can accommodate any of your special requests.

What Should You Look For in a Commercial Construction Cleaning Company?

When it comes to commercial construction cleaning, there are a few key things to look for in a company. First and foremost, you want to make sure that the company has deep experience in construction cleaning. After all, you’re entrusting your property to a cleaning company with the expectation for high-quality work delivered in a tight timeframe right before your property’s opening. Ask for references and don’t be afraid to probe into the company’s expertise – do they have experience with jobs just like yours? How were those projects staffed and managed? How long did they take to complete? What were the biggest challenges? Our Atlanta commercial cleaning company Atlanta companies trust knows that we only have one shot to deliver an exceptional cleaning, and we do that every time.

Secondly, they need to be large enough to accommodate your schedule. Sometimes due to supply or service delays or even the weather, construction schedules get delayed (or if you’re lucky pushed ahead). Your construction cleaning company needs to have the size and flexibility to accommodate your schedule and be ready to clean at a moment’s notice. Many commercial cleaning companies simply don’t have the size and bandwidth to take on significant construction cleaning jobs.

Finally, you want to make sure that the company is properly insured. This way, you can be protected in case of any damages that may occur during the construction cleaning process. Insufficient insurance (coverage limits are too low or policies are missing key coverages, such as general liability or worker’s compensation, for example) is a non-starter.

Our Atlanta Commercial Cleaning Professionals Are On Call

We invite you to contact an experienced Atlanta commercial cleaning company Atlanta companies trust. You can speak with our professionals at 404-267-1312. We offer FREE estimates to all prospective customers. No matter how big or small your project is, you can trust the Atlanta commercial cleaning experts at CleanRight Services. Contact the Atlanta commercial cleaning experts at CleanRight Services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 404-267-1312 or using our online contact form.

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